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Post 10 recipes on our website and we’ll create an Author page especially dedicated only for your recipes. Not stopping here, we’ll conduct an interview and publish on our website and social media platforms to give you a boost as an author.  Don’t sit back and submit your recipes regularly.
So, get a chance to have a page on our website dedicate only to your recipes and feel like a celebrity by giving an interview. Hurry up...

Types of Recipe Submission

  • You can submit a whole new recipe which is not published on our website earlier.
  • Variations of already published recipes can be submitted. We’ll add your variation in that recipe post with your name (Name and Image) as an author.
  • You can submit your own version of the already published recipe. But we’ll add your recipe in that already published post and your name (Name and Image) will be mentioned for this version.


  • You can submit all most all kinds of recipes here. See the categories on our main menu and sub menus to get help.
  • Minimum length of your submitted recipe should be 400 words. There is not the upper limit.
  • A small introduction and nutritional/caloric information about the recipe would be a plus point. Write ingredients and instructions stepwise or every step in a new line.
  • You can submit your recipe in the text area above or can attach a Microsoft Word or Notepad file having your recipe.
  • Submit your own picture and Facebook ID Url. Do not forget to write your biography beneath your recipe if you are a new submitter. Skip this step if you have submitted a recipe already on our website.
  • We’ll review your recipe and can edit after publishing to meet our quality guidelines.
  • By submitting your recipe, you are going to agree:-
  • You are the author of this recipe and picture associated with this.
  • You are giving us the rights (Royalty free, worldwide) to use and publish this recipe and picture on
  • We’ll not create a new page if your submitted recipe is already here on our website. We’ll add your version on that page with you as the author of that version.
  • We have the right to disapprove your submitted recipe.

After Submission

We’ll contact you within 1 to 2 days after submission of your recipe for further correspondence if needed. We will publish your recipe and will send you an email with the link of the published recipe. IF YOU HAVE ANY CONFUSION TO BECOME A REGULAR SUBMITTER ON OUR WEBSITE, CONTACT US TO GUIDE YOU.