safarecipes.com is an online recipe collection. English is our primary language, we also support Multilanguage. We are a group of websites covering 10 major languages (English, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian) in the world. It contains recipes of the world’s top 15 cuisines (American, Italian, Chinese, South Asian, Thai, Arabic, Lebanese, French, Russian, Spanish, Mexican, Japanese, Greek, and Turkish Cuisine).
Our Objective
Our objective is to create the best recipe collection database. Most of the recipe websites only provide the way to cook the food, but the recipes on our site are well written in detail. You can read the recipe’s introduction, ingredients, way to cook, health benefits of the ingredients used in that recipe, and nutritional value of that ingredient. These all are covered with the help of several photographs and videos. It means anyone can choose his today’s meal, having necessary statistics. Our dedicated team is working very hard to increase the number of quality recipes in our database. We do brief research before presenting our new recipe to you.

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