Introduction and Overview of Cuban coffee Recipe

This blog will be about the Cuban coffee recipe(cafe con leche recipe). Cuban coffee is not like any other coffee you drink. This coffee is made in a different way which gives it an almost sweet taste. This coffee helps you to get out of your tiredness and relax your mind. This coffee helps you to get yourself back in your life and make your time more memorable. This recipe is the only way you can get this Cuban coffee.
Intense and very sweet. This is Cuban coffee, a drink that emerged on the island when the first coffee makers imported from Italy arrived, which are known as mocha or Italian.
This drink has an intimate touch. In Cuban homes, it is prepared traditionally with the simple method of the Moka coffee pot, on the stove burner, and with enough ingenuity to create an appetizing foam on the coffee, as if it were an espresso. The secret? The thick paste is formed by the mixture of coffee and sugar that is placed at the bottom of tiny cups.
It is also a drink with body and texture, thanks to the components that the sugar releases when it is put on fire, at which point the sucrose it contains is hydrolyzed.
We share the steps to prepare this steaming potion. The idea is to make it with Cuban coffee, such as Bustelo and Pilón, which are the most popular brands and are available on Amazon. This coffee is characterized by having a dark roast and a fine grind, so if you can’t find it, you can substitute it with another bean that has these characteristics.


Prep Time

5 Mins

Resting Time

0 Mins

Cooking Time

5 Mins

Total Time

10 Mins








130 cal

Ingredients for best Cuban coffee:

  • 1 mocha pot for four cups
  • 6 teaspoons of brown sugar
  • 4 tablespoons of Cuban ground coffee
  • Water
  • 4 small cups, how to serve espresso


  • Mocha pot
  • Coffee maker
  • Coffee pot

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Put the sugar in a container and leave it there.
  2. Fill the bottom of the mocha pot with water, up to the mark.
  3. Fill the filter with the coffee, without tamping it. The level only with your finger.
  4. Bring the two parts of your coffee pot together and put it on low heat. When the coffee maker ejects the first jet of coffee, remove it from the heat and add the liquid to the sugar that you previously poured into a container (point 1). Mix to form a foamy and creamy paste. Add more coffee if necessary.
  5. Put the coffee pot back on the fire to finish brewing.
  6. Distribute the sugar and coffee paste in equal portions to the bottom of the cups and pour the coffee on top to the brim.
  7. Now it only remains to enjoy!

Watch the YouTube video to see the Cuban coffee recipe visually

Helping Video about Cuban coffee Recipe

Video by: MokaBees

How to Make Cuban Coffee – Cafe Cubano Recipe

That was the tasty and my favorite Cuban coffee recipe. Try this at home today for you. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.