Introduction and Overview about Sachertorte cake Recipe

Sachertorte cake recipe is an Austrian dessert recipe with chocolate and nuts. It is one of the most well-loved cakes in the country and is eaten all year round. I have included here a recipe that you can follow to create this delicious cake. Let’s have a look.


Prep Time

50 Mins

Resting Time

0 Mins

Cooking Time

45 Mins

Total Time

1 Hr 35 Mins








646 cal

Ingredients for Sachertorte cake recipe:

Ingredients to prepare Sacher cake
6 large eggs (L or XL)
220 g white sugar
130 g of flour
130g butter
130 g of melting chocolate (preferably 70% cocoa)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (or vanilla paste)
1/2 envelope of baking powder
1 pinch of salt

Ingredients for the filling and topping off the Sacher cake
200 g apricot jam (better without fruit pieces)
200 g of dark chocolate (with 70% cocoa)
130 ml of water
120 g white sugar


  • Large bowl
  • Egg beater
  • Oven

Step by Step Instructions

How to make Sacher cake step by step
-Before preparing Sacher cake

Although you are facing an easy Sacher cake recipe, it is always good to take baking in stride. I advise you to carry out these previous steps to work in a more relaxed way, as they will facilitate the preparation of the Sacher cake.

  1. Cover the sides of the pan with a little butter and flour to prevent the cake from sticking. If the mold you are going to use is not removable, I advise you to line it with greaseproof paper.
  2. Preheat the oven to 170 ºC with heat up and down. You don’t need to turn on the fan.
  3. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or the microwave. Remember that if you do it in the microwave you should heat it at short intervals and stir it well in between so that it does not burn. Reserve the melted chocolate.
  4. Finally, sift the flour together with the yeast and set it aside as well.
    Cover the mold

Preparing the Sacher cake sponge

  1. Take the eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. So that the whites are well mounted, try not to get any yolk on them.
  2. Place the whites in a container, add the pinch of salt, and whip them until stiff. When they are half-assembled, add half the sugar. This helps to get a much firmer meringue. I recommend that you carry out this process with some electric rods or a food processor. You can also do it by hand, but you will get much more tired and the meringue will not be so good. Reserve the whipped egg whites.
  3. In another bowl, beat the rest of the sugar with the butter until you get a slightly fluffy, pale yellow mixture.
  4. Add the egg yolks one by one while you continue beating. Wait for the previous yolk to be fully integrated before adding the next one. Also, add the vanilla essence.
  5. Now add the melted chocolate and beat the mixture until it looks smooth.
  6. Add the sifted flour and mix gently. If you do it with the electric rods, make sure you do this step at low speed, as it is not advisable to beat the dough in excess once we have added the flour. You can also mix the flour with a spatula.
  7. It is your turn to add the whites mounted to the point of snow that you had reserved. We are going to do it 3 times and mix it with the spatula using gentle enveloping movements. The first portion of meringue that you add will go down a lot because the mixture is still very dense, but as you add more you will see that the dough becomes lighter and fluffier.
  8. Pour the batter into the mold and smooth the surface a little with a spatula or spoon. Do not hit the mold against the work table, because with that the only thing you will achieve is to lose part of the air that the dough contains.
  9. Bake the cake for approximately 45 minutes at 170ºC. The exact baking time will depend on the diameter of the mold and the characteristics of your oven. To check that the cake is perfectly cooked, stick a needle or skewer in its central part and check that it comes out clean.
  10. When the cake is ready, take it out of the oven and let it rest for a few minutes until the mold loses a little heat. When it is no longer burning, remove it from the mold, put it upside down on a wire rack, and let it cool completely.

Filling the Sacher chocolate cake

  1. Once it is completely cold, cut the cake. You should know that the authentic Sacher cake, the one served in Vienna, has 2 layers, but if you want and the height of your cake allows it, you can cut it into 3 layers. It’s your choice.
  2. Heat the jam slightly in the microwave to make it more fluid. Cover one half of the cake with the jam and cover it with the other. Fill the cake with the jam

Prepare the frosting for the Sacher cake

  1. Heat the water and sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved. You will get a light syrup.
  2. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or the microwave.
  3. Pour the syrup into the chocolate and stir vigorously until you get a smooth and smooth mixture. Let it cool for a few minutes, but don’t wait long to frost the cake as the chocolate will start to harden.
  4. Place the cake already filled with the jam on a rack and, underneath, arrange a tray to collect the excess chocolate. You can use the utensils that come with the oven.
  5. Drop the frosting little by little over the center of the cake and let it spread over the entire surface. Move the cake a little so that the chocolate settles if necessary, but do not touch it too much or it will not be uniform. You can use a spatula or knife to help the chocolate coat the sides of the cake.
  6. Once it’s well covered, allow the chocolate frosting to solidify at room temperature.
  7. Finally, melt some more chocolate and, with the help of a pastry bag and a fine nozzle, write the word Sacher on the surface of the cake. You can use white or dark chocolate.

Tips for making the Sacher cake

  1. An excellent trick to cut the layers of the Sacher cake or any other cake is to freeze the cake beforehand for at least 6 hours. This process makes it easier for the crumb to settle and not break so much when we are going to make the layers. The more layers the cake will have, the more advisable it is to freeze it because in those cases it is easier for it to crumble when we cut it.
  2. To make the meringue firm, start beating the whites with a pinch of salt at low speed. When they have foamed a little, add the sugar and increase the speed of the mixer until the meringue makes hard peaks, that is, when you raise the arm of the mixer, the peak formed by the whites does not fall.
  3. I suggest that you cut and bathe the cake inside out so that the top looks smoother and the edges more defined.

Watch the YouTube video to see the Sacher cake recipe visually

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That was the tasty and my favorite Austrian chocolate cake recipe. Try this at home today for your kids. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.