Taco Shells Recipe
Taco Shells Recipe

Introduction and Overview about Taco Shell Recipe

Taco Shells Recipe is very simple and easy. Tacos recipe belongs to Mexican Cuisine. There are many taco recipes on the globe, but the common part among them is taco shells. Today we will make the vital component of several taco formulas which are called Taco Shells. Taco can be loaded down with chicken, vegetables, cheddar, fish, meat, or whatever other stuff you like. It can be acquired from the market or you can set it up at home. Custom-made tacos can be stored and can be used whenever you want to use them. The formula that we are exhibiting to you today will make 15 to 20 taco shells.

Prep time: 30 MinsResting time: 0 hrs
Cooking time: 20 MinsTotal time: 50 Mins
Serving: 5Course: Brunch
Cuisine: MexicanCalories: 160 cal
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Ingredients for Soft Taco shells:

  • 1 cup of maize flour
  • 1/2 cup of plain flour
  • Salt as needed
  • 1 tablespoon cooking oil
  • Half teaspoon of carom seeds (optional)
  • Oil and a pan for deep frying


  • Large bowl
  • Frying pan
  • Frying pan

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Place your maize flour and plain flour in a big bowl.

Step 2

Now add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil and salt. Adding carom seeds is your own choice. It is up to you to use it or not. This can add more flavor to your Taco Shell.

Step 3

Now add some hot water to your bowl. Add some water first and blend elements with the water well. In case you want some more water to make a gentle dough, then mix extra water. You don’t need to stop the process for the dough to get organized. You may start making taco shells immediately.

Step 4

Have a little piece of dough and give it a well-rounded form of 3 to 5 inches. Don’t let it be too thick or too thin.

Step 5

Have a little piece of dough and give it a well-rounded form of 3 to 5 inches. Don’t let it be too thick or too thin.

Step 6

Now hot your oil in a pan and drop this taco into it.

Step 7

After becoming a little bit harder, give it a “U” shape with the help of two tongs and maintain it there to be fully fried and get crispy.

Step 8

Your first taco shell is ready. Make others and fill them with the stuff of your own preference. Enjoy it with family and friends.

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Tacos Shell Recipe | How To Make Tacos Shell | Homemade Tacos Shell

Different filler stuff is being used in different parts of the world to enjoy the crispy feel. Kindly mention your experience with this and write the stuff you used to fill the taco shells. Please keep commenting below.

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